Minford Area Regional Sanitary Sewer System

EMH&T worked with the Scioto County Board of Commissioners and Sanitary Engineer to survey the land and develop a regional sewer system that serves 1,340 customers in four previously unsewered towns, and the semi-rural neighborhoods between them. Our Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) provided design layouts, construction cost estimates and presented worth analysis for a variety of centralized and decentralized collection. Our PER, supporting Environmental Report and the Cultural Resources Investigation was reviewed and approved by the USDA’s State Engineers and Environmental Specialist, as well as the Ohio Historical Preservation Office. The document was used as a tool by the USDA Hillsboro Office to apply for and secure a $15 million grant from the Washington, D.C. office of USDA Rural Development, and a $15 million low interest loan from the State of Ohio office of Rural Development.